In an industry with a notoriously high turnover rate, it can be difficult to recruit quality truck drivers. That’s where KSM’s trucking recruitment specialists come in. 

A good candidate is someone you can depend on to transport your goods without damage in a timely manner. Keeping a clean safety record, while observing all the rules and regulations of the motor carrier industry, is a job that takes dedication and grit. Any potential driving employees will also want to know if your business is worth their investment of time and effort. 

The Hiring Process

The KSM trucking recruitment team removes some of the burdens from the businesses attempting to go through the hiring process. Keeping a company running smoothly is enough stress without adding all the extra paperwork and record checks required when recruiting truck drivers. Our team investigates the necessary background and safety records. Also, we assess whether or not the employee is a good fit for the company. 

The KSM recruiting team consults with you about the specific qualities you would like to see in a candidate. We also take on the negotiations with the candidates over salary, benefits, and more—according to your specifications. It is our pleasure to assist in your company’s growth by streamlining the hiring process. 

The Onboarding Process

With our consulting firm, recruiting truck drivers does not stop at just hiring a candidate. Here at KSM, we remain in the onboarding process to help you ensure new employees transition smoothly into their position within the company. During our 90-day guarantee, which states a candidate will stay with the company for 90 days, our firm administers a series of tests to help you better get to know your new employee. 

Personality Tests

The DISC Test: This test is a personality assessment tool that divides people into four main personality types, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. These types provide insight into a person’s personality and how they might approach problem-solving and completing tasks. KSM’s innovative practice in remaining involved past the original talent acquisition is changing how the hiring process is viewed.

The Strength HR Test: This test asks a list of questions curated by specifications from your company. It helps to assess what you would like to know about each job candidate. Also, it gives you an indication of what tasks are best for the candidate. The atmosphere and culture of a business are essential to encouraging employees to grow and the tests allow you to see if a candidate will thrive in your company’s environment. 

The Perfect Candidate

KSM operates a little bit differently than most talent acquisition companies. For instance, we offer expert services throughout both the hiring and onboarding processes. We strive to streamline the transition from candidate to employee, so they can slide seamlessly into your company. 

Our team makes truck driving recruiting an efficient process and provides the ideal candidate for your business—at the fraction of traditional commission rates charged by most consulting firms. We not only match employees with the posted job requirements, but we also work hard to find candidates who will fit best in the culture of your company, and work well alongside you and your employees. 

The Perfect Price

While the usual asking price for recruitment commission is 25-30% of salary, at KSM, we only ask 18%. With our firm, companies experience expert hiring and onboarding practices at a competitive price. Our innovative methods alleviate the stress and time constraints associated with traditional hiring processes. Contact us today for more information about how to recruit truck drivers, and to speak to a specialist about finding the perfect candidates for your business. 



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