Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

The standard talent acquisition process can be exceedingly overwhelming for small-to-medium-sized businesses with many tasks on their plate. So, sometimes, outsourcing recruiters proves to be the best option. But, out of these recruiters, who truly is the most efficient choice for your company?

The Hiring Process

At KSM, our talent acquisition specialists and their innovative methods streamline hiring processes and vetting processes for businesses aiming to fill key positions with the perfect candidate. Likewise, the role of our agency recruiters is to fill niche positions and openings that ultimately prove difficult to fill. Some positions can be burdensome to fill via traditional hiring sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. 

Defining Need

KSM consults with your company to determine your specific needs. We work with you to emphasize roles that have been traditionally difficult to fill, and take the issue out of your hands by initiating our candidate search. Our process serves to alleviate the stress companies endure when negotiating salary, hours, benefits, etc. In short, we do the leg work that provides you with the candidate you’ve been looking for!

The Onboarding Process

Our specialists understand that there is much more to the hiring process than deciding on a candidate. While we simplify that particular process, we go the extra mile for businesses by saving them precious time during the onboarding process. We like to do things a little differently, and that means helping businesses every step of the way during their hiring and onboarding processes.

Constant Communication

Our goal during the onboarding process is to take the best possible care of your future employees on your behalf. We do so in accordance with your company culture, specifications, and standard processes. KSM offers a 90-day guarantee, meaning that our recruitment specialists, your company, and the new hire will maintain constant communication over the course of 90 days to ensure a smooth transition. 

No new hire wants to be forgotten or overlooked after the hiring process. Even if these acts aren’t intentional, a busy schedule can interfere with time that should be spent communicating with new hires. So, that’s where we come in. Constant communication over a 90-day period with a guarantee of smooth transition is something that sets KSM apart from any other recruitment services. 

Our distinct recruitment service allows businesses to really get to know their new hires. Whereas the average recruiting agency or consulting firm effectuates a one-and-done type model of recruitment, KSM remains in constant communication with the new hire and the businesses in order to solidify a symbiotic and healthy working relationship.

Personality Testing

KSM works to professionally represent candidates and businesses and effectuate the potential for a great working relationship. Moreover, one of the ways we accomplish this is by administering a DISC test. These tests are more commonly known as personality tests, in which a subject truthfully answers a questionnaire and the test generates a table of the subject’s dominant, influential, steady, and compliant (DISC) traits. These traits are defined by personality type and paint a clear picture regarding how effective the candidate will be in the role your business has been trying to fill. This table will show your company exactly how task-oriented, people-oriented, outgoing, and reserved a candidate is.

Another way KSM effectuates potential for great working relationships between candidate and company is through a Strength HR Test. In short, this test consists of a few questions directed toward the candidate regarding their strengths and weaknesses. KSM focuses on your company’s specifications for the perfect candidate, and the weaknesses that can be turned into strengths with the help of transitioning into the company culture. Ultimately, your business needs the perfect candidate, and through KSM’s streamlined and effective recruitment process, businesses large and small can fill key roles with the perfect fit.

Cost-Effective Recruitment

Most importantly, other consulting firms take a 25-30% commission from salary. KSM only requires 18%. There truly has never been a more cost-effective, hands-on, streamlined talent acquisition process than what our recruitment specialists offer. Posted below are the positions KSM helps businesses and organizations fill in the engineering, construction, finance, and medical fields.


  • Estimator
  • Virtual Designer/Constructor
  • BIM Manager 
  • Project Manager 


  • Project Executive


  • Controller
  • CFO


  • Dental Hygienists 
  • CDL (Trucking)
  • Bus Drivers (School)

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