project manager with engineers

Engineering Recruiting 101: How to Identify Great Project Managers

A great project manager can elevate your engineering project to the next level. The project runs through the project manager; he or she sets the standards for the project and makes sure that everyone is on the same page. Additionally, the project manager ensures that the project stays within the company’s budget and campaign deadlines […]

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3 Recruiting Tips to Attract Skilled Virtual Design Engineers

As the world of technology progresses, so do the engineering industry’s design methods. Virtual engineering gives engineers the freedom to work with objects in a virtual space. Moreover, the virtual space allows engineering issues to be found without having to think of the underlying technical information. Also, the designer can move and perfect parts of […]

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10 Reasons Why Engineering Recruiting Can Be a Challenge

The engineering recruiting process is complex to say the least. Here are the most common challenges that recruiters face during this process: 1. The “Hot Topic” Lately, the topic of diversity in the workplace has grown to be a more integral part of a business than maintaining profitability. Today, business ethics include the topic of […]



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