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5 Engineering Recruitment Tips to Find Experienced BIM Managers

BIM is a huge part of any engineering company’s planning and building process. The BIM manager should know all about your company’s software, have interpersonal skills, and be able to monitor and keep track of the digital aspects used in projects. These and more qualities are part of what makes the engineering recruitment process challenging. It […]

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Engineering Recruitment 101: 8 Qualities to Look for in Estimators 

The engineering recruitment process is complex, especially when looking to hire estimators. The estimator is arguably one of the most important members of an engineering team. Well-qualified estimators are in high demand but are hard to find. Since most estimators learn their skills on the job instead of at school, it can be difficult to […]

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10 Reasons Why Engineering Recruiting Can Be a Challenge

The engineering recruiting process is complex to say the least. Here are the most common challenges that recruiters face during this process: 1. The “Hot Topic” Lately, the topic of diversity in the workplace has grown to be a more integral part of a business than maintaining profitability. Today, business ethics include the topic of […]



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