School Bus Drivers

Hiring School Bus Drivers

Filling an open school bus driver position may seem simple enough. Just find a candidate with a CDL certification, passenger and school bus endorsements, and a completed training course. But, remember the fact that the individual you are considering for the position will be responsible for more than just returning the school bus at the end of the day. 

School bus drivers should be expected to possess a variety of unique skills. Not only must these individuals be reliable and responsible, but they must also be personable and good with children. 

The Importance of School Bus Drivers

No parent should have to question the integrity or the efficacy of a school bus driver.

By ensuring that the driver has the aforementioned certifications, passes their drug screening, and has a clean background, anyone hiring a bus driver can guarantee that they will perform their main role as a driver adequately. However, if one wants the perfect candidate, there is much more to consider. 

The perfect school bus driver should have proven people skills. Bus drivers need to be able to calmly and effectively communicate with children in order to keep them happy, calm, and in check. Not only that, but the parents should also be able to trust the bus driver to keep their kids safe. That begins with building a relationship between bus driver and parent. 

When you hire a bus driver, be sure to check their prior work experience. If a candidate has worked in a people/customer-oriented position before, they likely possess good people skills. In addition, a driver with children of their own or even some experience in childcare will ensure that children are not only driven safely but come to love their bus driver for years to come!

Finding the Right School Bus Driver

It is often difficult for schools and institutions to find the perfect match given hectic schedules and busy workdays. That’s where KSM comes in. KSM Consulting specialists hire bus drivers for you who prove to be the ideal candidates. 

In addition to a rigorous vetting and research process, our specialists also perform personality tests and DISC tests to ensure that the candidate will get along well with children and their parents. Our specialists also ensure that the candidate’s prior experience is in sync with the position they are applying for. Essentially, KSM does the groundwork that brings the perfect candidate to you. 

How KSM Consulting Can Help

With KSM Consulting, hiring school bus drivers is made both an efficient and affordable process. When you look to hire a bus driver, our specialists do the leg work to ensure that you are getting the right person for the job. We take screenings, conduct tests, undergo research, and even take initial interviews out of your hands to save you time. We match you with the ideal candidate. Our expert recruiting services come at a fraction of the percentage that most talent acquisition agencies ask for. For more information about our innovative processes, or to inquire about our services for your company, contact a KSM recruiter today. 



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