Project Executive

Hiring Project Executive

Just as every corporation needs a CEO, construction crews rely on a project executive to direct and oversee that every aspect of the project goes according to plan. The right project executive will develop a plan that lays out each and every aspect of the job for the crew. Ideally, the perfect candidate works to innovate how jobs are carried out and ultimately streamlines the entire process. The right project executive can save a company time, money, and hassle given they have the right qualifications and proven experience.

At KSM Consulting, our end goal is to provide businesses with the tools they need to make every project easy, affordable, and memorable. More often than not, the niche position of project executive can be difficult to fill given the requirements of the job description. Our team at KSM consistently helps businesses connect with the skilled, qualified project executives that they need in order to be successful. 

The Importance of the Project Executive

Project executives are responsible for an assortment of duties. They are held accountable for ensuring the project they are overseeing is done within the parameters of company requirements. Any project executive should bear relative experience in construction and understand what it takes to garner successful results. It’s critical that construction crews have access to and can rely on the expertise of a proven leader. Project executives serve as those leaders.

Setting Project Executive Standards

The project executive is the most integral member of a construction crew. Project executives are responsible for creating and overseeing the project’s schedule, hiring processes, setting standards, and using expert problem-solving skills. They provide solutions to any issues that may arise. 

Project executives are essential to any and all construction projects. These execs serve as the example to be emulated by their crew in order to ensure any job is done up to standards. In essence, project executives set the standards for workers to make sure that the job is done right and on schedule.

Key Responsibilities 

One of the most important responsibilities of project executives in construction is to maintain professionalism. Given their wide array of responsibilities, it’s imperative for project executives to be accountable and have a complete understanding of when to pivot. For instance, a project executive works with both the construction workers and clients on a daily basis. They are ultimately responsible for every single aspect of the construction job including planning, setting goals, staying on budget, delivering on time, drafting contracts, managing risks, etc. The project executive is the most integral member of any construction team. After all, they hire the crew!

Finding the Right Project Executive

Filling a role as crucial as the project executive position can often be a long, stressful, and difficult process. As mentioned earlier, these executives can be the catalyst for a job done perfectly or a job gone wrong. Ultimately, all responsibility falls on the project executive, which is why it’s so important to make sure that you’ve hired the right person for the job. While there are many ways to ensure that you’re hiring the right candidate, some companies/businesses lack the time and/or resources to find the most suitable candidate. That’s where the expert construction recruiters of KSM come into play. 

How KSM Consulting Can Help

With KSM Consulting, construction recruitment is made a simple and easy process. Our construction recruiters do the leg work to ensure that your company is getting the right person for the job. We take screenings, tests, research, and even initial interviews out of your hands to save you and your company time. We match you with the ideal candidate. Our expert construction recruiting services come at a fraction of the percentage that most talent acquisition agencies will ask for. For more information about our innovative processes, or to inquire about our services for your company, contact a KSM recruiter today. 



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