Companies are often entangled with busy schedules, deadlines, and projects that make the hiring process seem like a daunting task. With KSM, our streamlined healthcare recruitment services make it easier for businesses to find the ideal candidate to fill a job role. In the medical field, it can be particularly difficult to acquire talent with proven experience (and necessary licenses/certifications) that warrants efficient results for a company. That’s where we come in.

The Hiring Process

KSM healthcare recruiters consult with practices, businesses, and schools in order to address roles that are challenging to fill. Our team simplifies the hiring process and targets only the most qualified candidates to fill critical roles. Not only that, but our recruitment team also negotiates salary, benefits, hours, and other aspects of the position on your behalf. Our end goal is to streamline the process of transitioning qualified job-seekers to reliable employees—those with the expertise necessary to exceed your expectations.

Dental Hygienists

At KSM, our healthcare recruiting process simplifies the hiring of dental hygienists. Many of these individuals make connections in their industry through their schooling. Meanwhile, others have trouble finding the right job via traditional hiring sites like Indeed, Handshake, or Glassdoor. By utilizing the expertise of our consulting firm, offices can find the perfect candidate for their practice and enjoy the results of our streamlined methods.

CDL Truck Drivers

KSM healthcare recruiters make it easier for companies to hire drivers with a CDL certification. Individuals with such credentials are in incredibly high demand, which can make finding the right driver a very involved and difficult process. KSM vets drivers and focuses on experience in order to provide companies with the ideal candidate. Relying on traditional hiring sites can be time-consuming. With KSM, we do the leg work during the hiring process that allows your company to focus on the task(s) at hand.

School Bus Drivers

Our services make it easier for schools to find bus drivers. It’s no secret that bus drivers have a crucial responsibility to keep children safe. The reliability and reputation of a bus driver ultimately define how efficiently they will commute children to and from school—safely and on time. By neutralizing the need for schools to search through traditional hiring sites and vast databases of drivers, KSM provides schools with reliable drivers through proven practices that will keep parents’ children safe, and adhere to the timeframes in which certain children must arrive at school.


Traditionally, most healthcare recruitment agencies and healthcare recruiters end their involvement with the candidate and the employer immediately after the hiring process is complete. At KSM, we do things a little differently. While we do offer traditional hiring services, our methods are significantly more geared toward finding the needle in the haystack—the perfect fit for your open position.

90-Day Guarantee

Not only does KSM find the diamond in the rough, vet them, and negotiate their terms, but our team stays in communication with the new hire and the employer for 90-days during the onboarding process. With this open line of communication comes a 90-guarantee. During this period, we will help the new employee to transition into your organization and become accustomed to their role. By maintaining open communication with the employee, we make sure that they are the best match for your organization.

Personality Tests

KSM also administers a few tests that serve to depict the character, personality, and traits of the new hire. Of these tests are the DISC Test, and the Strength HR Test. The DISC Test defines overall personality by asking a series of questions. Furthermore, each is targeted toward the character traits that should be expected of each new hire. The employee’s answers will populate into a table in which traits like dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance (DISC) are defined—to paint a clear picture of how people-oriented, task-oriented, outgoing, or reserved the employee is. This helps employers streamline the process of assigning the right tasks to the employee. It also helps the employer get to know their new hire.

The Strength HR Test is a series of questions designed to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of an employee. The employee’s responses are then taken into consideration, influencing the tasks they will be assigned and how employers may best approach the employee’s weaknesses. KSM takes pride in painting a clear picture of the candidate for the employer. We also take pride in aiding the candidate throughout the hiring and onboarding process.

The Full Picture

Most importantly, KSM offers healthcare recruiting and consulting services at a considerably lower rate than most other firms and agencies. While most agencies and firms offering talent acquisition will ask for 25-30% commission of salary, KSM only requires 18%. Not only do we effectuate efficient hiring and onboarding methods, but we do so at a competitive price. Find the employee you’ve been looking for today. Contact us today for more information regarding our talent acquisition services.



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