Human Resource Services

Human Resources Services

KSM works to translate corporate goals into effective Human Resource Programs, driving growth, and assisting to create coveted “best place to work” cultures.

KSM Offers Human Resource Services and Recruiting For Every Size Business And Budget. A sample of our general services are listed below.
  • Organizational Strategy (Organizational Effectiveness, Cultural Transformation, Strategic Workforce Planning)
  • Assessment &  Succession (Executive Success & Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Succession Management)
  • Leadership Development
  • Rewards & Benefits (Employee Reward/Recognition Programs, Benefits Assessment and Management)
  • Talent Acquisition(Recruiting, Job Descriptions, Compensation Analysis, Coaching)
  • Organizational and Employee Surveys (Culture Assessments)
  • Online and In-Person Training(All Areas of Human Resource and Safety)
  • Diversity and Inclusion (Women in Leadership, Workforce Diversity Planning)
  • Employee Engagement (Performance Management, Performance Improvement Plans, Culture Analysis)
  • Policies and Procedures (Handbooks, On-Boarding, Off-Boarding, Employee Relations, Discipline, Termination)
WE MEAN EVERY SIZE BUSINESS AND BUDGET! Are you a Start-Up or Small Business? Let KSM be your Virtual HR Director. Our Virtual HR Consulting Services can help manage many functions that a full-scale department might perform in a corporate setting. The issues remain the same regardless of the number of employees, yet the budgets to support the staffing may not. Don’t expose your small business to unneeded risks, take advantage of our virtual HR Consulting Services to perform the six main functions:
  1. Employee Recruitment
  2. Workplace Safety
  3. Compensation & Benefits
  4. Training & Development
  5. Legal Compliance
  6. Employee Relations
Our fees are right sized for your business and start as low as $50/per hour, contact us for more information at KSMCONSULTS@OUTLOOK.COM



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