KSM specializes in filling positions that are to be difficult to fill. The process of solidifying one’s self as a knowledgeable and trustworthy engineer is vigorous. However, the scope of work that falls under the category of engineering is broad. Therefore, KSM engineering recruiters make finding the perfect candidate for your business easy through a hiring and onboarding process. Likewise, our process alleviates the headache of spending too much time perfecting the hiring and onboarding steps.

The Hiring Process

KSM understands the traditional engineering recruitment process of most talent acquisition agencies, and noticed an inefficiency in transitioning the right candidates into new companies. This is why we do things a little differently. For instance, at KSM we offer a 90-day guarantee in which new hires, employers, and our firm maintain constant communication. In short, this guarantee aims to ensure a perfect working relationship between the candidate and your company.

Our 90-day guarantee is more than a promise; it’s an action. KSM fills roles that prove challenging to fill on traditional hiring sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. We recruit engineers who prove to be the perfect candidates for the role that your business has been trying to fill. 

The Onboarding Process

After the hiring process, KSM administers an assortment of tests to the candidate to provide insight regarding their character to the hiring company. Of these tests are the DISC Test and the Strength HR Test. 

Personality Tests

The DISC test is a personality test that draws information from the candidate through a variance of questions that gauge their personality. In short, this test will indicate how outgoing, reserved, people-oriented, and task-oriented the candidate is. Moreover, under each of these sections, your company will be able to recognize how dominant, influential, steady, and compliant your candidate is. Hence the acronym DISC.

Another test KSM typically administers to candidates on behalf of your company is the Strength HR test. This test is a series of questions administered under the specifications of your company (regarding the open position). The goal is to highlight a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. By emphasizing a candidate’s strengths and defining your company’s ability to strengthen their weakness, a great working relationship can blossom. 

The DISC test and the Strength HR test are both tools that KSM uses to make good on our 90-day guarantee. By remaining involved after the hiring process, KSM makes the onboarding process easier for your company and alleviates time constraints that typically arise as a result of getting to know each candidate. Our provision of tests to accurately define a candidate’s character is a new practice when it comes to most consulting firms. Our work makes the hiring/onboarding process much easier for businesses everywhere.

The Perfect Candidate

Hiring and onboarding an estimator, virtual designer/constructor, BIM manager, or project manager can prove to be extremely difficult for companies utilizing traditional hiring methods. Moreover, for such specialized areas of industry, a company relying on a traditional hiring site will often fall short in filling these positions by missing out on the perfect candidate. KSM’s engineering recruiters ensure that your company will never miss the perfect hire.

KSM also stands in for your company to negotiate salary, benefits, hours, etc. Our recruitment team negotiates all of these facets of the hiring process. Most importantly, KSM saves you time and money by pairing your company with a candidate that suits your needs.

All in all, it can prove difficult to find the ideal candidate for a role as involved and reputable as a BIM manager or virtual designer. KSM ensures that specifications and requirements are met; salaries and benefits are negotiated; optimal output is inevitable; and the candidate is guaranteed to fill your open position with the knowledge, education, and expertise necessary to help your business grow. 

The Perfect Price

KSM offers engineering recruitment at a price point that can average 10% less than other consulting firms. Our team makes talent acquisition a cost-effective process. Whereas traditional recruitment services take a commission of 25-30% from salary, KSM only requires 18%. Our recruitment service offers all of the same traditional services offered by consulting firms, with some innovative services as well. For more information regarding our methods and services, contact us today! Our engineering recruiters will provide your company with the ideal candidate for your open engineering position in no time! 



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