The role of the controller can often prove difficult to fill. This position requires an extensive amount of knowledge and expertise that is often rare to find. Many businesses lack the time and resources necessary to properly vet, research, and recruit a potential candidate for the position.

At KSM Consulting, our team of expert finance recruiters makes finding the right controller a simple, easy, and memorable process at a competitive rate. Our end goal is to provide businesses with the tools they need to move forward. Our finance recruitment team at KSM consistently helps businesses connect with the expert qualified controllers they need in order to guarantee smooth operation and success. 

The Importance of the Controller

Controllers are responsible for all accounting-related activities, including managerial accounting, high-level accounting, and finance activities. The controller typically reports to a company’s CFO. However, these positions may be combined within a smaller business or company. The controller fills a very integral role and is responsible for nearly every aspect of managing a company’s finances. 

Without a controller, other members of a company or organization are often left responsible for managing finances. This can be problematic if those members do not have adequate prior experience in managing finances. In essence, the role of a controller is one of the most important within a business.

The Heart of a Business

More often than not, controller functions vary from business to business. Functions are typically based on the number of employees and the number of clients. Smaller companies usually demand more versatility of their controller, which can make the role difficult to fill. On the other hand, larger companies often dispense the job of the controller to other employees, ultimately making them responsible for duties they may not have qualifications for. 

Both of these practices can be detrimental to the success of a business, given that the controller is essentially the heart and soul of a company’s finances. Controllers are responsible for a wide array of tasks and duties. Essentially, when you seek to hire a controller, you’re hiring the backbone of your business. 

Key Responsibilities

The controller of any small or large business has many key responsibilities that are essential to a business’ smooth operation and success. A controller often gets involved in recruiting, training of staff, assisting in the preparation of operating budgets, overseeing financial reporting, overseeing payroll, overseeing compliance, and much more. Needless to say, every business relies heavily on the duties of its controller. This is why it’s imperative to find the most suitable and reliable candidate for an open controller position. 

Given that controllers have so many key responsibilities, these individuals typically have a long list of accomplishments, degrees, work history, achievements, etc. Finding someone with all of the qualifications to meet a company’s standards can prove to be an immensely time-consuming process. That’s where the finance recruiters of KSM come in. 

How KSM Consulting Can Help

With KSM Consulting, finance recruitment is made both an efficient and effective process. Our finance recruiters do the leg work to ensure your company is getting the right person for the job. We take screenings, tests, research, and even initial interviews out of your hands. This saves you and your company time while we match you with the ideal candidate. Not only that, but our expert finance recruiting services come at a fraction of the percentage that most talent acquisition agencies ask for. For more information about our innovative processes, or to inquire about our services for your company, contact a KSM recruiter today. 



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