Construction recruitment can be overwhelming for businesses in search of the ideal candidate. Moreover, project executives bear a considerable amount of expertise, experience, knowledge, and education that make them rare to find on traditional hiring sites—due to their proficiency and specialization. Many of these candidates have already cemented connections in the industry and do not rely on the same hiring sites that less experienced and less specialized candidates use.

The Hiring Process

KSM construction recruitment specialists utilize connections within the construction industry to locate project executives to fill integral roles. Our recruitment team vets these candidates for professionalism, experience, and credibility. The hiring process as a whole can be exceedingly stressful and difficult for businesses that are already laser-focused on the jobs and contracts at hand. Our team alleviates the headache that often accompanies construction recruiting as well as the hiring process, and does the leg work necessary for your company to find the perfect candidate.

Our team of construction recruiters will consult with your company and work according to your specifications. For example, with your help, we will determine what you would like to see in a project executive candidate. A key part of our role is to negotiate salary, benefits, and more based on your exact needs. In doing so, our team streamlines the hiring process for your company and maximizes efficiency. 

The Onboarding Process

Most consulting firms and talent acquisition services typically devote themselves to only the hiring process. Unlike other agencies, at KSM, we like to do things a little differently. After the hiring process, we remain involved in onboarding procedures. By doing so, we aim to ensure candidates with a smooth transition into your company. KSM offers a 90-day guarantee, meaning that the new hire will stay on for 90-days. During this time, KSM administers a variety of tests to help your company attain deeper knowledge of the candidate.

Personality Tests

The DISC Test asks the subject an assortment of questions directed to paint a clear picture of their traits regarding dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance (DISC). These areas provide insight regarding how outgoing, reserved, people-oriented, and task-oriented a candidate is. KSM is leading the way in talent acquisition through the innovative practice of remaining involved after the hiring process, and administering tests that better depict a candidate’s character.

Another one of these tests is the Strength HR Test. This test asks candidates a multitude of questions designed based on specifications from your company—regarding what you would like to know about each job candidate. Based on the subject’s responses to these questions, companies are given a clear picture of what tasks are most suitable for the candidate, and how their company culture can influence growth when it comes to the candidate’s weaknesses. KSM truly operates a little differently than most talent acquisition agencies. Most importantly, our team does so at a fraction of traditional commission rates.

The Perfect Candidate

KSM offers expert services throughout the hiring and onboarding processes that streamline procedures for a more efficient transition from job-seeker, to candidate, to perfect fit for your company. At KSM, our team is efficient at providing businesses with ideal project executive candidates. Also, our services are significantly more cost-effective than most other consulting firms. 

The Perfect Price

Whereas most construction recruitment agencies will ask for 25-30% commission of salary, KSM only requires 18%. Not only do we exercise expert hiring and onboarding practices, but we do so at a competitive price. With KSM, companies will experience exactly what solidifies our talent acquisition methods as innovative. This experience will also alleviate the time constraints that come with traditional hiring and onboarding processes. Contact us today for more information regarding our construction recruiting services. Start today with the process of finding the project executive you’ve been looking for!



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