Specializing in filling traditionally difficult positions, KSM recruiters sift through the construction estimators looking for work to find the perfect candidate.  A construction estimator’s job is difficult, requiring both financial and construction knowledge, as well as business smarts. KSM makes finding the perfect candidate for your business easy; we take on the hiring and onboarding process to alleviate your stress. At KSM, we know you need to focus on running your business! Therefore, we want to help you find the best people for the job. 

The Hiring Process

At KSM, we approach talent acquisition a little differently. Our agency offers a 90-day guarantee that promises to stay in constant contact with both new hires and employers. The goal of our guarantee is to facilitate a genuine working relationship between candidate and company. We strive to ensure that the new employee is comfortable in their new position. Likewise, we want to make sure that employers are happy with their new hire.   

KSM consults with your company about the specific qualities you would like to see in all candidates for the position. We also take on the negotiations with the candidates over salary, benefits, and more—according to your specifications. It is our pleasure to assist in your company’s growth by streamlining the hiring process.

The Onboarding Process

To follow through with our 90-day guarantee, KSM provides personality tests. These tests aim to provide employers with a better insight into their potential new employee. Although it is a fairly new practice for consulting firms, administering the tests accurately defines a candidate’s character and makes the hiring and onboarding process much easier. Getting to know a candidate better allows the employer to understand their strengths and weaknesses, giving you a clear indication of what tasks they are best suited for. 

Personality Tests

The DISC Test: This test is a personality assessment tool that divides people into four key personality types: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. In short, these types provide details about an applicant’s personality and how they might approach problem-solving and completing tasks. KSM’s innovative practice in remaining involved past the original talent acquisition is leading the way, changing how the hiring process is viewed.

The Strength HR Test: This test asks a list of questions curated by specifications from your company. In short, it helps to assess what you would like to know about each job candidate and gives you an indication of what tasks are best for the candidate. The atmosphere and culture of a business are essential to encouraging employees to grow and the tests allow you to see if a candidate will thrive in your company’s environment. 

The Perfect Candidate

Companies using traditional methods to find construction estimators for hire will find it difficult to find a suitable candidate. KSM operates a little bit differently than most talent acquisition companies, ensuring you will never miss the perfect hire. We strive to streamline the transition from candidate to employee, sliding seamlessly into your working team. Our service makes finding estimators for hire an efficient process. We provide expert services throughout the hiring and onboarding process at a fraction of traditional commission rates. We not only match employees with the posted job requirements, but we also work hard to find employees who will fit best in the culture of your company and work well alongside your other employees. 

The Perfect Price

KSM offers recruitment services at an average of 10% less than other consulting firms. 

While the usual recruitment commission is 25-30% of salary, our firm only asks for 18%. With KSM, companies experience expert hiring and onboarding practices at a competitive price. Our innovative methods alleviate the stress and time constraints associated with traditional hiring processes. Contact us today for more information about our engineering recruiting services and to speak to a specialist about finding the best construction estimators for your business right away.