Chief Financial Officers

Hiring Chief Financial Officers

CFO recruiting is often one of the most difficult and stressful recruiting processes there is. A CFO is one of the faces of a company. They also complete and oversee critical tasks that are essential for the success of a company. Many businesses lack the time and resources to properly vet, research, and recruit a candidate for CFO positions. These steps are integral parts of the recruiting process, especially when filling a position as important as Chief Financial Officer. 

More often than not, businesses also struggle to properly voice the need for the role and exactly what is expected from a candidate. Failing to do this often results in an influx of candidates with familiarity with the position albeit in a different industry. This can surely cause some concern if a candidate was, say, a controller at a tech company, and you’re looking for a CFO in the agricultural industry. Voicing expectations and requirements is essential in CFO recruitment, as well as determining who is the right fit for the role given their background, achievements, and work history. That’s where the finance recruiting specialists of KSM consulting come in.

The Importance of the CFO

The main job responsibility of the Chief Financial Officer of a company is to optimize the financial performance of a company. This responsibility in itself requires years if not decades of experience in finance. The CFO must have proven reliability and undeniable accountability. CFOs are responsible for overseeing performance, liquidity, and return on investment. These are undoubtedly the most important aspect of a business hoping to be successful. Given their importance, these responsibilities require distinct experience and expertise in order to be met effectively and efficiently.

Keep in mind that while CFOs monitor performance, liquidity, and return on investment, these officers are also responsible for many more integral processes and functions. These responsibilities include communication with the board, negotiating with suppliers and vendors, and supporting the company’s mission, vision, and culture. The CFO must also retain people skills and be able to communicate clearly with those they oversee. Groups that might report to the CFO include supply chain, procurement, and information technology (IT). Almost any other department could also report to the CFO, depending on the organization and the skill set of the CFO. Given these responsibilities, finding the right CFO for your industry can be overwhelming and challenging. 

Finding the Right CFO

Finding the ideal candidate for an open CFO position requires a considerable amount of time and effort. CFO recruiters must maintain communication with the board, run background checks, engage third parties, check references, etc. All of these things are crucial when determining which candidate is best for the open position. 

At KSM, we are proud to offer expert CFO recruiting services that take the stress and cause for concern out of the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process. Our CFO recruiters and proven practices have helped many companies find the perfect candidates for their open positions!

How KSM Consulting Can Help

With KSM Consulting, CFO recruiting is made both an affordable and effective process. Our CFO recruiters do the leg work to ensure that you are getting the right person for the job. By taking screenings, conducting tests, undergoing research, and even taking initial interviews out of your hands, we save you time while we match you with the ideal candidate. Our expert recruiting services come at a fraction of the percentage that most talent acquisition agencies ask for. For more information about our innovative processes, or to inquire about our services for your company, contact a KSM recruiter today. 



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