CDL Truck Drivers

CDL Truck Drivers

CDL truck driver demand is surging across the country as businesses all over need their products and goods transported. It is an important position in the trucking industry and it comes with many responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include maneuvering the roads for miles, following traffic rules, and meeting deadlines. KSM Consulting Group is known for connecting their clients with dependable, experienced CDL truck drivers. They are the right people to work with in this line of business. CDL truck drivers are reliable individuals that value road safety.  This occupation requires that the individual has a commercial driver’s license. 

There are multiple professions available in the CDL trucking industry. Some of the more common truck driving jobs include haul truck driver, fuel truck driver, and over-the-road truck driver. These jobs vary by how much cargo do truck drivers need to transport, as well as the distance that they must drive. 

What type of CDL truck driver should your company hire?

As mentioned previously, there are three main types of CDL truck drivers. A haul truck driver is a skilled professional driver that transports goods from one place to another. The haul truck driver usually travels a shorter distance than an over-the-road truck driver. Generally, a haul truck driver specializes in local or regional freight transportation. If your company has to move products or materials to a relatively close town or region, then it is wise to seek out the services of a haul truck driver that has a CDL. 

Fuel truck drivers transport liquid or gas fuel in large tanker trucks. The liquids and gasses transported may have hazardous or food-grade loads. The candidate should know how to load the tank with fuel and how to unload the tank when they arrive at the destination. Fuel and gas companies are common employers of CDL fuel truck drivers. 

Over-the-road CDL truck drivers specialize in hauling goods and materials over long distances. This occupation involves a time commitment, as drivers are usually on the road for weeks at a time. The trucks used in this line of work also normally have sleeping cabins. This CDL truck driving job involves the most racking up of miles, and has the highest salaries most of the time. Companies with a huge freight network should look to hire over-the-road truck drivers. If you are looking to transport a load from one side of the country to another then you should hire an experienced over-the-road truck driver. 

What makes a CDL truck driver successful?

First of all, CDL truck drivers obviously need a commercial driver’s license to be able to operate a vehicle involved with commerce. It usually takes around 7 weeks to go through the education and examination process before you can get this license. 

Successful CDL truck drivers are independent, detail-oriented people. Independent people succeed because drivers are usually alone on the road for many miles. Many CDL truck drivers desire this independence and enjoy the lifestyle that comes along with navigating the roads by themselves. They genuinely enjoy traveling the country and are passionate about the profession. 

Attention-to-detail is a very important characteristic that separates a successful CDL truck driver from the others. Before the trip even starts, the truck driver is responsible for making sure all cargo and goods are accounted for in the truck and loaded in properly. Additionally, there is paperwork they must fill out to ensure a smooth delivery. Once they are on the road, they have to follow traffic rules closely. After the load has been delivered, they have to help unload the cargo in an efficient manner. An intellectual, meticulous worker is needed in the CDL trucking industry. 

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