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Recruiting Finance Controllers: How to Spot and Recruit Top Talent

Spotting and recruiting top talent in any industry is a truly intricate process. Recruitment can be stressful, as are the obstacles that accompany the process. There are a few key things to consider in finance recruiting in particular. Finance recruiters often overlook even the most basic yet critical aspects of the hiring process. By understanding these vital aspects, and taking the steps necessary for your desired outcome, your company will find the right finance controller for your business.

Listed below are five of the most crucial tactics to implement in your company’s recruitment process. By understanding the necessity of these tactics, and implementing them properly, you may even surprise yourself with how fast your finance recruiters find and recruit top talent. Let’s get started.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Hiring the right candidate is the ultimate result of a well-done data-driven exercise. You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and there’s a lot to measure in finance recruiting! Collecting, reporting, and analyzing data will help your finance recruiters measure their success and the success of your strategy over time. 

Some of the most important metrics that you can track to create better future outcomes in finance recruitment are application completion rate, qualified candidate rate, time to hire, and candidate response rate. It’s no secret that analyzing recruitment data will help you identify where and when recruitment strategies need change. 

K.I.S.S. Recruitment

Keep it simple, silly! Most companies get hundreds of applicants even for niche positions that are as hard to fill as finance. That’s a lot of applicants, and definitely too many for one finance recruiter to handle alone. Innovate your recruitment process by cutting the fat from the said process, for example leaving out telephone interviews and final interviews. Develop a skills test that can identify who is the most suitable for the position. 

In a perfect world, finance recruitment should be 4 simple steps rather than the traditional 6-8. These steps include the job ad, skills test, video intro, the interview, and the job offer. Don’t waste time conducting several interviews on a candidate you’re unsure of. Instead, weed out the wheat from the chaff with a skills test and video intro!

Embrace the Digital World

From talent acquisition agencies to Instagram, hundreds of ways to advertise your job opening are now right in the palm of your hand. Use data and analytics in tandem with your highlighted demographic and requirements. Then, you can better determine which platform or service can be utilized in order to reach the ideal candidate. Do your research, and don’t be afraid to get creative when crafting your advertisements for your open positions!

Revamp Your Interviews

Get personal! Just like making a new friend over drinks or going on your first date with a person you like, be sure to make your interview process comfortable for the candidate. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their family life, social life, values, and likes and dislikes. Getting personal with your candidate is a great way to get to know who they truly are. You’ll be able to see how their personality, morals, and values will mesh with those of your company culture.

Establish Your Values & Company Culture

Don’t just let your candidate do all of the talking during the interview – you should also get involved! Tell your candidate what you love about your company and what areas you’re aiming to improve. If they’re a basketball fan and you have NBA season tickets, it’s not unprofessional to chop it up with a candidate. Sometimes, getting personal and talking about your similarities could be the beginning of a great professional relationship! 

Are You Looking to Fill an Open Position?

Finance recruiting doesn’t have to be a daunting or mundane task. There’s a reason that you love where you work, so be sure to express that to your candidates! Finance recruitment is, after all, like any other recruitment process – appeal to your candidate’s humanity once you think you’ve made a great selection. By following these key aspects of the finance recruitment process, you’ll surprise yourself with how many qualified, interested, and similar candidates you get. For more information on how to bolster your recruitment process, or to get in touch with an established talent acquisition agency, contact KSM Consulting now! 

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