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Recruiting CDL Truck Drivers: 4 Must-Know Tips

CDL truck drivers are licensed truck drivers who transport goods and materials from one place to another. It is important to note that transporting cargo is not the only responsibility of a CDL trucker; they have to load and unload cargo, adhere to traffic laws, unload cargo, and fill out paperwork. This job requires a person who is independent and intelligent. Also, individuals seeking work in this industry must have a valid commercial driver’s license. The recruiting process of CDL truck drivers does not have to be difficult. Below, we have provided 4 essential recruiting tips to help your business effectively recruit a CDL truck driver. 

1. Clearly state what kind of CDL truck driver you are looking for. 

CDL trucking jobs vary. Some jobs require long distance hauls, while others involve a shorter regional or local haul. Also, the types of goods and materials being transported is a factor in the hiring process. The company in need of CDL truck drivers should explicitly state what the driver should expect. This means that they should inform the potential employee about how many miles they should expect to drive, if they are transporting heavy or hazardous cargo, and what the load procedure is. Explaining truck driving expectations before the trip makes your company’s hiring process credible, thus influencing more drivers to apply. 

2. Maintain a competitive salary for the job.

Most companies that hire truck drivers acknowledge that the more miles racked up, the more money they will have to pay the driver. It is a logical practice, as longer drives require a larger time and effort commitment. Regardless of the haul’s length, it is important to maintain a fair and profitable salary for CDL truck drivers. The job requires elite attention-to-detail and focus, and it can be lonely at times. Make the job worthwhile for the CDL truck driver by offering the big bucks. 

3. Provide benefits and rewards for successful drivers.

There are a variety of amenities you can provide for your CDL truck drivers to incentivize them to join your team. You can provide comfortable sleeping arrangements with a bed in a sleeper cab attached to the truck. You can finance their shower and laundry expenses at rest stops while on the road. Additionally, you can provide meals for them and purchase a set amount of fuel for them. CDL truck drivers appreciate the perks that come along with the job, and adding some employment benefits can go a long way. 

4. Emphasize the long-haul style of living. 

At the end of the day, your company should recruit truck drivers who are passionate about driving large vehicles and traveling the nation. If they have a CDL, it is clear that they are safe drivers that are capable of operating a large truck. However, if their heart is not into it then it will not be a good relationship working with that driver. 

CDL truck driving is not just an occupation; it is a lifestyle. The driver has to haul cargo long distances and spend time away from home. Hitting the open roads should be something that they enjoy immensely so they can feel at home away from home. Your company should promote this culture and find candidates that appreciate the truck driving lifestyle. 

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