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Recruiting Dental Hygienists: 5 Qualifications To Look For in Applicants

Dental hygienists are necessary at any dental office or clinic. They are responsible for a wide variety of tasks that include professional cleaning, in-depth assessment of patient’s oral health, and educational functions. They collaborate with dentists and should have excellent communication skills. Therefore, hiring a dental hygienist is a process that recruiters need to carefully conduct.

There are some qualifications that a potential dental hygienist has to have. Some are necessary by law, such as obtaining licenses, and some are personality requirements. Overall, dental hygienist applicants have to be extremely dynamic, and knowledgeable individuals. Below, we have listed 5 important qualifications that dental hygienist candidates should have. 

1. The applicant has earned the required licenses.

Every state legally requires dental hygienists to have a dental hygiene license. To receive this license, the individual must pass an exam that is administered by the National Board Examinations. The applicant must count with a license in the state where they reside. Because of this, applicants must also take and pass a clinical services exam given by the state. This test covers comprehensive hygiene procedures, anesthesia, and drug and law practices in the state. Without these two licenses, an applicant cannot be legally employed at any dental office or clinic. It is the most important qualification. 

2. The applicant has completed the required amount of school and educational programs. 

To be eligible to take the licensing exam, the candidate must have finished a certain amount of schooling. Generally, an associate’s degree is necessary for dental hygienist applicants. There are many universities, community colleges, dental schools, and other institutions that offer CODA-accredited dental hygienist education programs.

3. Excellent verbal communication skills.

There are a variety of skills and qualities that a potential dental hygienist must possess. Problem-solving skills, friendliness, and fine motor abilities are some examples. All of these skills are vital, but interpersonal skills may be the most important for a dental hygienist. 

Dental hygienists must be able to talk to two parties: the patient and the dentist/dental team. In addition to making sure the patient is comfortable, they have the role of educating patients on dental care basics. They also collaborate with the dentist, formally discussing the patient’s oral status. Conversational skills are a must, regardless if the individual is extroverted or introverted. 

4. Pays attention to every detail

This is another qualification that a dental hygienist applicant must have. Dental hygienists offer professional teeth cleaning services, which is a duty that requires supreme focus and attention-to-detail. They must be able to use their hands quickly and efficiently to get the job done correctly. The dental hygienist should know about the patient’s oral health situation beforehand and cater to their needs. Additionally, they examine the oral health of the patient closely, screening for tooth decay, cavities, or oral diseases. 

5. The applicant is passionate about good oral health and has experience in the dental industry. 

Obtaining the licenses and completing the schooling is only part of the qualification process. The ideal dental hygienist applicant genuinely appreciates the profession and how it benefits people. They are eager to work with patients and give them good oral hygiene tips.

It is also preferable to have an applicant that has some experience in the dental industry. There are many ways for applicants to gain experience before getting their license, including internships and volunteer opportunities. Prior experience should definitely be looked at by the employer during the hiring process. 

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