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Engineering Recruiting 101: How to Identify Great Project Managers

A great project manager can elevate your engineering project to the next level. The project runs through the project manager; he or she sets the standards for the project and makes sure that everyone is on the same page. Additionally, the project manager ensures that the project stays within the company’s budget and campaign deadlines are met. This and more is crucial to consider in your engineering recruiting strategy.

Project managers are engineers who are capable of holding a wider variety of responsibilities. Identifying a great project manager is not a simple thing to do, but there are some defining characteristics that may set one candidate apart from the rest. We have provided a list along with explanations of three vital characteristics below. 

1. They have experience in the engineering industry.

Relevant prior experience with engineering projects is definitely something to identify when you are seeking a project manager. This could be someone who was part of an engineering team or someone who was already a project manager. It is important to examine what type of project they worked on and how successful it was. If they have worked on a project before, it is likely that they know what procedures maximize efficiency. 

In this job position, you want an individual with experience working with computers, IT, design, architecture, and more. This is an engineering profession and a great project manager needs to be very knowledgeable of the subject to collaborate with the team productively. An effective engineer can be a project manager, but not just any project manager can become an engineer. 

2. They have incredible organizational skills. 

Being able to organize effectively is a key attribute of a great project manager. Furthermore, project managers usually have to plan ahead and organize calendars so everything runs smoothly. They also have to ensure that they are not going over the company’s budget. The last thing to organize is people, because they have to put the engineer team in a position to succeed. Also, they need to develop, organize, and delegate tasks to each team member. 

To identify this characteristic, it is a good idea to look into the candidate’s planning skills. Do they have a calendar they use frequently? How organized was their resume and/or cover letter? Are they prone to hit or miss deadlines? What kind of strategies do they use to ensure success in their daily life? It is crucial to consider all of these questions in the engineering recruiting strategy to help your company find quality project managers. 

3. They are natural, charismatic leaders with great interpersonal skills. 

Some people are just meant to lead and set an example for others to follow. A good project manager is a positive person who does not mind criticism. They do not blame others for their actions. In fact, they are driven individuals that strive to be better everyday. Project managers have to thrive under pressure because it is a high-stakes job where a lot of things go on daily. 

Employers can identify the right candidate by looking at how they carry themselves. Additionally, they can examine the prior successes and accomplishments the candidate has had. It is also a good idea to contact references so you can understand how they act with others. 

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