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5 Engineering Recruitment Tips to Find Experienced BIM Managers

BIM is a huge part of any engineering company’s planning and building process. The BIM manager should know all about your company’s software, have interpersonal skills, and be able to monitor and keep track of the digital aspects used in projects. These and more qualities are part of what makes the engineering recruitment process challenging.

It can be difficult to find experienced BIM managers, as it requires the candidate to have a decent amount of schooling and familiarity with the subject of modeling. BIM managers have a big role in implementing the BIM system into your company, so it is important that you decide upon the right individual. Engineering recruiting cannot be overlooked by any company in the industry, so check out our BIM manager engineering recruitment tips below. 

1. Look at how much schooling he or she completed.

BIM managers should have a solid base of information about computers and modeling systems. BIM managers should have a high school diploma, at least. However, it is important to note that almost 70 percent of BIM managers have a bachelor’s degree, according to Indeed. 

Colleges and local training centers also offer courses designed to educate people in the BIM industry. Employers should track a candidate’s schooling experience to find out more about his or her education level and learned skills. 

2. Evaluate the candidate’s prior experience.

Relevant prior experience is an important factor to observe in the BIM manager hiring process. Has the potential candidate worked in an environment with computers and IT equipment? Or, have they had internships where they studied technical design and other digital design techniques? No matter what the prior experience is, it is advantageous for both the company and candidate to have some familiarity with the occupation. Having an engineering background is an additional preferable characteristic. 

The BIM manager is the head of the BIM team, meaning that they set standards for others and lead by example. Ideally, the candidate will have some experience working with a BIM team. If not, it is important that the employer communicates the expectations and responsibilities of the BIM manager. 

3. Find out about their personality traits and skills.

As mentioned earlier, the BIM manager has to have some leadership qualities. They do not have to be the most outspoken person, but it is important that they are knowledgeable and work well with other people. A BIM manager has confidence and delegates duties to BIM team members efficiently. Having a dynamic, passionate BIM manager can take your engineering department to the next level. 

It is also essential to keep track of the candidate’s skills. Each company has a specific BIM software they use, so it is critical that your BIM manager has experience with your company’s software. Overall IT and computer skills should also be looked at by the employer. 

4. Have them take a BIM assessment test.

Giving a BIM assessment test to potential BIM managers is a good way to find out how experienced they are. This is also a proven method to discover how competent or incompetent a candidate is. A well-rounded, experienced candidate will score a high grade on the assessment test, while less skilled, inexperienced candidates will score lower. This is an especially recommended method  if there is a large pool of candidates. 

5. Collaborate with a successful consulting group. 

Experienced and successful consulting groups have a fine understanding of who the right person is for the job. They recruit candidates with efficiency, and find the right fit for all parties involved. 

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