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3 Recruiting Tips to Attract Skilled Virtual Design Engineers

As the world of technology progresses, so do the engineering industry’s design methods. Virtual engineering gives engineers the freedom to work with objects in a virtual space. Moreover, the virtual space allows engineering issues to be found without having to think of the underlying technical information. Also, the designer can move and perfect parts of the creation with ease. This helps to cut costs and reduces the time it takes to finalize a design. 

To utilize virtual engineering to its highest potential, companies must have skilled virtual design engineers on their teams. Recruiting engineers with the necessary expertise is a notoriously difficult task. It is important to take a look at the factors that might attract candidates you need. While having the latest tech is tantalizing, technology alone may not always seal the deal with a qualified engineering candidate. Therefore, when recruiting engineers with up-and-coming skills, it is essential to think outside the box. 


According to Forbes, careers in virtual design and construction, and building information modeling, are attracting attention from educational institutions—both large and small. Schools are changing their digital focus to encompass these studies and encouraging internships and apprenticeships. Collaboration and partnerships between businesses and schools are essential to attracting new interest and ensuring students have the necessary knowledge. 

Businesses looking for skilled virtual engineers should consider taking on apprentices. It’s a win-win situation, allowing the students to further their knowledge and essentially giving businesses the chance to groom their own engineers. Students straight out of college often do not have the hands-on experience necessary to transition smoothly into the workforce. Apprenticeships facilitate the practical knowledge needed and give businesses candidates they are familiar with and willing to hire full time. 

Invest in Their Development

Technology never stops updating, changing, and transforming into something new. Engineers have to keep up with all the changes, but that takes time—and, often, money. If you are in the process of engineering recruiting, show that you want to invest in their further development. Offering benefits like incentive packages or education assistance is a way to make it clear you care about their future. 

Candidates need to know that they can find fulfillment in their job. Show them that you are grateful they chose to invest their talents in your business and, in return, invest in them. Offer enrichment assistance, covering some or all of the fees for classes and certificates that advance their knowledge in the field. Be sure to accommodate the time it takes to fulfill the development courses. 

Offer Flexibility

Due to the pandemic, companies have had to change how they conduct business. During the height of shutdowns, many firms were unprepared to support a distributed workforce. Adapting to the new approach to work is an essential part of keeping the workforce strong. Companies that require employees to return to in-office work, instead of creating flexible plans, might struggle to find good potential employees. 

Quality candidates are in high demand right now. Likewise, they have an array of choices being offered to them. Companies that are flexible are more attractive to a newer workforce. Allowing employees to work at home and providing an attractive work environment will make your business much more attractive to qualified candidates.

The people you hire are your most important assets, but finding the right candidate for your company can be time-consuming and difficult. If your business needs help with recruiting engineers, KSM has the expertise to guide all-size businesses with their HR needs. Visit our webpage today to learn more about our engineering recruiting team—and other resources. 

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