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3 Recruiting Tips to Find and Hire Reliable Truck Drivers

Hiring reliable employees is never more important than when recruiting truck drivers. A key factor to protecting revenue is having a driver who can transport goods to their destination without any damages. Sometimes complications cannot be avoided, so hiring a driver that handles problems efficiently, while keeping the company well informed, is essential. 

Finding drivers who are safe, loyal, and efficient can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help point you in the right direction. Once you decide what kind of person you want to represent your company, it’s time to start looking for them. Here are a few tips you can use for recruiting truck drivers you can rely on. 

Do Your Research

Truck driver recruitment goes well beyond verifying a driver is legal to work in the US and has a commercial driver’s license. It is important to do research about the potential drivers to ensure they are an appropriate fit for your business. It’s recommended that you speak to previous employers about their personal experience with the driver and complete a basic background check. There are a couple of databases to check details with, as well. As the details are different in each database, it is essential to obtain records from each of them.

PSP: Pre-employment Screening Program. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration collects safety information to create a Compliance, Safety, and Accountability record. The record updates every time the driver gets a roadside inspection, giving an effective indicator of a driver’s day-to-day behavior.  

MVR: Motor Vehicle Record. This DMV record allows you to see the driving history of a potential employee and an overview of any citations, suspensions, or convictions. 

Loyal Drivers Respect Loyalty

If you want to recruit truck drivers you can depend on, be aware that word travels fast through the trucking community. Drivers communicate with each other all the time and they know who is happy with their employer and who isn’t. Respect your drivers and listen to them. Understand that because they drive trucks and you don’t, it means they may know the regulations and limitations better than you do. Be loyal to your employees, back them up. Make them feel like real people instead of another number, and it will draw more dedicated drivers to you. 

Things to consider are offering decent benefits packages and relatively frequent home time. The trucking business is not an easy one and takes a special kind of dedication. Any individual who sticks it out is likely to be just as passionate about everything else in their lives, including family. Giving someone the means to care for their family is a great way to inspire loyalty. 

Pay Smarter 

Not everyone can offer drivers an exorbitant amount of money per mile. Sometimes, though, it’s not about the amount of money but the guarantee of regular pay. Drivers have bills to pay and budgets to fill. They need to know they will be getting enough miles per week to cover expenses and feed their families. Offering a guaranteed minimum of miles per pay period will draw in drivers looking for dependable stability. 

Another idea is to consider offering pay packages that reward drivers for safe and money-saving behaviors. Fuel conservation, clean inspection reports, and anticipating potential issues all protect a company’s bottom line and require a diligent driver. Rewarding good drivers allows you to retain them and will attract more of the same kind.

Overall, being a good company to work for will attract good employees. The people you hire to work for you are your most important asset. If your business needs help with truck drivers recruitment and taking care of your employees, KSM has the expertise to guide all-size businesses with their HR needs. Visit our webpage today to learn more.

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