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10 Signs Your Company Needs a New Healthcare Recruiting Strategy

A healthcare recruiting strategy is crucial to ensure that patients will receive the best medical services. Here are ten signs that your company may need a new recruiting strategy:

1. Unrecognizable 

For any business to successfully recruit suitable candidates for a position, it’s critical to develop a recognizable brand within their industry. As it pertains to healthcare, organizations must craft attractive branding strategies. Developing a recognizable brand, along with a diverse and inclusive company culture, is key to competing with other organizations. After all, these competitors are looking to fill the same roles with a quality healthcare recruitment strategy.

2. Non-Distinctive

Ask yourself what distinguishes your organization from other healthcare organizations. Also, find out what your employees like, and would like to see improve, regarding your company culture and practices. Every organization is different, so be sure to emphasize what separates yours from others. Also, highlight the inclusivity of your company culture and what your employees have come to love about where they work!

3. Insufficient Results

The most obvious sign that your company needs a new healthcare recruiting strategy is ineffective, insufficient results. In other words, if your organization is consistently attracting candidates with insufficient experience—or not attracting candidates at all, it’s time to reassess. Consider your strategy and implement new tactics in order to attract suitable candidates. 

4. Lack of Referrals

Over 46% of companies have an employee referral program in place, and for good reason. There is nothing more incentivizing for employees than referral programs. Nothing is more intriguing to candidates than employees who rave about your company’s culture and procedures. Would you rather try a new restaurant because of an ad? Or, would you try that new restaurant because of a friend’s recommendation? The same rings true for an effective recruiting strategy. 

5. No Social Media Presence

Over one billion users log into Instagram every year and nearly three billion log into Facebook annually. That’s a market of over half of the world’s population that you could potentially influence. Therefore, it is crucial to direct your recruiting strategy toward posts and advertisements on social media outlets. Granted, four billion people don’t all have the qualifications you’re looking for, but some might! Not only that, but word of mouth travels fast on social media, and you could find your ideal candidate before you know it! 

6. Amassing Vacancies

A high turnover rate is a key indicator that something is not right within your organization. Be sure to address internal issues regarding company culture and workplace practices before inviting more people to walk out of the door. After this issue has been resolved, employees will be much more likely to refer colleagues and associates. This is especially effective when a referral program is in place. 

7. Attracting Irrelevant Candidates

If you find yourself shaking your head after interviews, that’s a red flag. In other words, you may have a full schedule of interviews that, for lack of a better term, are a waste of time. Nothing’s worse than realizing that a job-seeker lacks relevant experience during an interview. Therefore, be sure to properly vet and funnel job-seekers to ensure beneficial outcomes: qualified employees that do good work.  

8. Lack of Advertising

You can attract qualified job-seekers to properly fill an open position. Whether via social media, newspapers, television, magazines, articles, etc., advertising plays a monumental role. Advertising is everywhere, and word of mouth travels fast. So, be sure to implement effective and eye-catching advertising in your recruiting strategy. A lack of it will result in a lack of candidates. 

9. Outdated Hiring Processes

Diversification is critical to creating a company culture that stands for inclusion. These topics are more important than ever given the current progressive nature of the business world. Hiring processes are best left to specialized healthcare recruiters. They will properly funnel candidates based on their qualifications, personality, and potential contributions to workplace culture.

10. Lack of Recruitment Specialization

Many organizations lack specialization in recruitment and hiring processes. This results in all of the aforementioned issues. Ultimately, it saves organizations and companies time, money, and headache when they rely on agencies and firms to fill integral positions for them!

Implementing a Qualified Recruiter

KSM specializes in streamlining healthcare recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes—for companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes. Our team is devoted to using the most innovative practices for talent acquisition. Better yet, our rate is as much as 12% lower than that of most talent acquisition agencies. 

Our healthcare recruiters’ services are cost-effective for any budget. We work beyond the recruitment process to healthfully transition candidates into esteemed employees—ones that encourage business growth and profits! Contact us today for more information regarding our recruitment process, hiring procedures, and onboarding methods.

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