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10 Reasons Why Engineering Recruiting Can Be a Challenge

The engineering recruiting process is complex to say the least. Here are the most common challenges that recruiters face during this process:

1. The “Hot Topic”

Lately, the topic of diversity in the workplace has grown to be a more integral part of a business than maintaining profitability. Today, business ethics include the topic of diversity. Diversification in the hiring process, and its importance, adds a level of complexity when businesses seek candidates with matching qualifications. 

2. Scarce Markets

The market for engineering candidates is as scarce as ever before. Hiring outlets and sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Handshake can prove exceedingly ineffective in some respects. These platforms may make it difficult to find hires with cemented roots in the industry through associates and colleagues. 

3. Lack of Skills

Handling scarce markets can make the hiring process daunting for employers who are simply trying to fill a critical role in engineering. Engineering, and the many job titles that fall under said category, require immense knowledge. In addition, they need schooling, expertise, and experience to perform optimally. Finding a candidate with the right skill set for your engineering position can be more difficult than other everyday tasks.   

4. Evolving Markets

As practices and methods in the field of engineering evolve, so do the markets from which candidates are acquired. Skill sets shift toward the most relevant required areas of expertise, which can make finding the ideal candidate almost impossible. 

5. Insufficient Access to Leads

Hiring sites, apps, and outlets are great places for beginners and veterans to start or continue in their industry. However, with the engineering industry’s job openings, there is a distinct need for specialized searches, especially regarding certain titles. These can be difficult to fill using a run-of-the-mill hiring site. This creates an inability for employers to recruit engineers who are suitable for open positions, as well as a need for a reliable lead source. 

6. Time Constraints

Businesses, companies, and organizations of any industry have tasks and projects at hand with strict deadlines. As a result, they have to deal with time constraints for said entities to find candidates to fill integral roles—ones that require specialized expertise and experience. In totality, a business needs to focus on one thing: Business. Employers may deviate from important tasks and projects, especially when trying to fill a critical role.  

7. Negotiation

As if finding the right candidate with a relevant background in engineering isn’t difficult enough, negotiation processes can often sway candidates to look elsewhere. Talent acquisition services in the engineering industry have never been more integral to the success of such companies. 

8. Lack of Longevity

Ensuring that your new hire remains in the position that is, in fact, suitable for them is difficult in an ever-changing industry and job-seeking market. Businesses should provide new hires with an inclusive company culture, appropriate payment and benefits, and projects that are right up their alley. However, ensuring that your new hire has these things is critical to guaranteeing longevity. 

9. Inexperience

Frankly, some interviews can feel like (or even prove to be) a tremendous waste of time for employers. Properly vetting candidates and job-seekers for experience, training, and expertise can be incredibly time-consuming. Not only that, but many businesses lack the tools and time necessary to properly vet a candidate for experience. Hence the need for talent acquisition firms that specialize in the field of engineering.   

10. Finding the Perfect Match

Ultimately, a business may be able to find a suitor for an open position. But, it’s almost impossible to find the perfect match without outside help. It’s important to have a staffing firm on speed dial. These services will target job-seekers with relevant experience, diversify your workforce, and negotiate terms of employee contracts.

Are You Having Issues With Engineering Recruitment?

KSM is a consulting firm and talent acquisition service with experience in finding the needle in the haystack. Our team specializes in finding candidates that are the perfect fit for businesses in the engineering industry. We even provide negotiation and vetting—to ensure longevity during the onboarding process.

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