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How Bias Shows Up in the Workplace and How to Foster True Diversity

Bias in the workplace not only makes for a terrible company culture, but hinders the work and confidence of workers on the receiving end of bias. Workplace diversity is imperative in any business that wants to maintain or develop a reputation as forward-thinking and inclusive. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are beneficial for all. No one wants to dread going to work in the morning because one of their coworkers (or superiors) is biased. 

Bias arises as a result of multiple factors, including: 1.) poor education, and 2.) the effectuation of non-progressive morals. The latter can be detrimental to diverse groups and ultimately create a bad reputation for a business. Focusing heavily on diversity in the workplace fosters an environment in which employees can feel welcome, included, and safe. 

Fostering Diversity

Diversity in the workplace begins during the hiring process. Businesses and organizations must focus on equity for all—and offering equal opportunity for all races and genders. They should implement a recruitment strategy in which diversity and inclusion are emphasized for their importance. Doing so can help businesses and organizations alike progress toward equality.

When contemplating an employee recruitment strategy, be sure to be diverse in your marketing and utilize politically correct terminology. This will create a truly inclusive space, where employees can safely voice opinions in a positive environment. Everyone has a right to feel safe when disclosing their emotions and thoughts regarding bias. 

Fostering diversity begins with ensuring a workplace in which people of all races and genders can feel safe. That feeling and reassurance of safety begins and ends with cracking down on bias. There is no place for bias in the workplace. Not only does it hinder an inclusive company culture, but it also presents obstacles for workers who are simply trying to be as productive as possible.

Cracking Down on Bias

By cracking down on bias, businesses and organizations can take steps to ensure a more diverse and inclusive workplace. However, there are a few ways to crack down on bias. One option is consistent anti-bias training through HR, which will cement your company’s position on the matter. Another option is implementing a zero-tolerance policy, which will also indicate where you stand. Your policy can also allow diverse groups to feel safer at work. 

One final option takes place during the hiring and promoting processes. Ensure that the people you hire—and those who you choose to promote—have values that align with your own. This foresight will make for a diverse workplace where everyone can feel safe and included. 

Creating a Progressive Culture

Creating a progressive culture is one thing, but ensuring and maintaining it requires a watchful eye. Be sure to implement your HR division in your company’s everyday practices to get their take on how certain matters are dealt with. This is essential to team building.

All in all, ensuring a progressive, diverse, and inclusive workplace makes for a productive environment. Employees will feel empowered to voice concerns, opinions, or personal issues. Inclusivity in the workplace begins with hiring the right employees for your company. Train them properly, cement your company’s stance as anti-bias, promote team-building exercises, and take authoritative action against bias when necessary. For more advice on hiring and training a productive workforce, reach out to KSM today.

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